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So cute, warm and relatable all at once. Loved to read it, good work. 


pre-op (possibly indefinitely who knows) transgirl here! i really, really love this! this is so beautifully written and i can really feel the love your work brings across <3 we all need more representation and i really appreciate it


You're welcome! Thank you for enjoying this old thing. 😊


I hope to one day have fellow trans friends like this. They all radiate this wholesome love and companionship. Want. Goals. 11/10. 


Really beautifully written, felt like a warm hug holding me. I loved the choice of words, I felt like I could imagine them as people. Thanks for writing this!!!!


This was beautiful, thanks for making me cry this morning lol

I get an error when I try to run this: 

"Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document." in index.html:479

That's interesting. I'm not sure what the problem is! haven't been able to replicate it. I did look in to it though.

From what I can tell, this might be a thing about cookies. Check that they are enabled, or that this page as an exception, or try a different browser.

I'm no web developer. If this doesn't help, or it's still occurring, tell me more about your browser and OS. I'm going to enable a download of the html file itself, which might also help.

Yeah, I have third-party cookies disabled on my browsers, which interferes with Twine's game saving feature? If you can figure out a way to gracefully handle when saves cannot be made, that would be great